The overall objective of EIMID-ITN is to train ten early stage researchers to join the next generation of world experts in the biology of infectious diseases and specifically in the mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction. The project is being carried out within the highly successful European collaboration EIMID (European Initiative for Basic Research in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) that brings together six top research organisations in Europe active in the field of infectious diseases, including a world renowned industrial research centre:

1. Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics S.r.l. (NVD), Siena, Italy;
2. Imperial College (IC), London, UK;
3. Institut Pasteur (IP), Paris, France;
4. Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden;
5. Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology (MPIIB), Berlin, Germany;
6. University of Oxford (UOXF), Oxford, UK.

EIMID aims at reaching a critical mass on research in infectious diseases in Europe, capable of implementing a rapid and effective scientific reaction to emerging infections, and at fostering high level training in a Europe-wide collaborative network that will attract the best talents worldwide. In EIMID-ITN, ten interlinked scientific projects are tackling 1. invasive bacterial infections including meningococcal disease; 2. bacterial diarrhoeal diseases; and 3. HIV replication. The common theme throughout is the bidirectional interplay between pathogen and host in immune control vs. disease development.
10 fellows from all over the world are engaging in a three-year training pathway encompassing: individual top level scientific projects (training-by-research), 1-2 stages in other EIMID labs for collaborative studies, science-related training activities such as participation to seminars, courses and congresses, common scientific meetings and networking (EIMID meeting), and common training courses in complementary and soft skills. The final goal is that of forming the leading scientists of tomorrow, possessing knowledge that goes beyond the specific scientific sectors of interest. To ensure this, the managing/training company ALTA (associated partner level 2) is implementing and monitoring the project progress with the help of an independent Visiting Researcher who is directly assisting the fellows' progress.